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After School

“After school”

used to mean

running up the hill

to melodic chimes—

sharing a slushy,

matching blue tongues.


My mom always gave me

five more minutes

in the “ducky playground.”

There was a broken duck seat

attached to the ground

with a spring.

I sat on it,

rocking it back and

forth, side to side,

trying to break it



My best friend told me secrets

before we slid down

the biggest slide,

and we always liked

the same boys. I hated that

but loved her,

and we wrote bad songs

and stayed up late watching

sad movies.


Now “after school” means

401k plans, an unpaid lunch hour,

and early dentist appointments.

Resumes catered to jobs catered

to people catered to me, but

never catered to you.

If you aren’t full time,

you are wasting time,

and there is no time

for you and me

to talk about what we want.

Never say

what a company can do for you.

What can you do for them?

What can you do for me?



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“Daddy, they light up the sky!”
4-year old Hunter shouts.
Hunter’s world is suddenly
filled to the brim
with more colors than
he has seen in a crayon box.
He hears loud explosions
and shapes that he
cannot compare
to anything that
he has ever

His brother Tyler positions
his hands just right,
and imagines
shooting at the fireworks.
Loud booms

“Awesome!” Hunter shouts again,
overwhelmed by
how the fireworks overtake
the sky.

People around us are annoyed.
Annoyed by excitement,
someone who is trying
to get a feel
for the world.

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I Notice

Everyone is in a rush
to go Nowhere.
No one lets anyone be
in front of them.

Punctuality is key.
No one should be
late going Nowhere.

Red lights,
signals and
stop signs
do not apply
to those who
are going Nowhere.

Rules only apply
to those who
are going

When waiting
at a traffic light,
I notice a bird
scoop up a bundle
of twigs and straw
in its mouth and
fly out of sight.

Suddenly I forget
where I am going.

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